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Investing in oil or natural gas: Which is better?

With many fearing that the world’s oil supply is diminishing at a rapid rate, a lot of companies had been investing and researching into alternative energy technologies that might replace oil as the world’s foremost energy source, even exploring the … Continue reading

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Fracking: Potentially lowering oil prices

Shale oil, a cleaner-burning hydrocarbon extracted using hydraulic fracturing, has the potential to disrupt oil prices, especially since unconventional shale oil can reach 12 percent of the total oil production in the next few decades. In fact, it has already … Continue reading

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A challenge for the industry: Hydraulic fracturing and its effect on water supply

As developments take place in the energy industry with the increased use of hydraulic fracturing to extract oil and gas from previously inaccessible sources, more issues are likely to be encountered. For one thing, environmentalists point out that for all … Continue reading

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Promoting natural gas by using it

One of the best ways for companies to encourage others to use a product is by using the product themselves. This is exactly what Royal Dutch Shell is doing. While producing natural gas and distributing it through a series of … Continue reading

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