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REPOST: Sonic waves help recover natural gas from clogged storage sites

This article mentions that the recovery of natural gas from clogged storage sites is now possible through the use of sonic waves. *** Image Source: Natural gas companies looking for better ways to unclog the wells they use to … Continue reading

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How the expansion of shale natural gas markets can lead to more jobs

Image Source: Natural gas production has seen a rise sharp in demand these past couple of years. The chemical industry, an industry which is central to the world’s economy, relies on natural gas as its raw materials in producing … Continue reading

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REPOST: Californians uneasy about fracking’s safety, lack of oversight

Californians continue to prioritize environmental protection to a much greater degree. This Los Angeles Times article has the details.   Video Source:   As energy companies seek to plumb vast reserves of underground oil in California through the controversial … Continue reading

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The scope and limits of energy independence

The nation currently stands on a unique and favorable position as far as the energy industry is concerned. Many experts say that there are many opportunities waiting to be taken in the shale gas boom, and with the discussions currently … Continue reading

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