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General Chairperson Dr. Ali Ghalambor will spearhead the 2012 SPE International Symposium and Exhibition on Formation Damage Control which aims to tackle industry issues concerning formation damage, production operations, and completion technologies. The symposium will be held at the Lafayette Hilton in Lafayette, Louisiana from the 15th to the 17th of February 2012. Internationally renowned for his expertise and remarkable contributions, Dr. Ali Ghalambor has worked with the finest universities and organizations such as the University of Louisiana, the Tenneco Oil Company, and the United Nations.

REPOST: Landers: The latest oil and gas boom may carry Texas for years

Texas produced $110 billion worth of oil and natural gas in 2009, and analysts think that the industry will continue to boom in the years to come. Read the reasons why from *** In Texas, oil and natural gas … Continue reading

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REPOST: Analyst urges broader look at Amazon oil resources’ local impacts

Amazon has vast oil resources. Ironically though, part of the populace  still use basic means of living such as cooking in wood because gas pipelines aren’t available for them to use. As the oil production strengthens, much is to be … Continue reading

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REPOST: Nigerian Navy cracks down on Illegal crude oil refineries

Tons of illegally produced fuel were eliminated by the Nigerian Navy. Read  more about this news here: *** The Nigerian Navy eliminated 260 illegal refineries and destroyed 100,000 tons of illegally produced fuel, according to Yahoo news. The source reported that $20 … Continue reading

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REPOST: Brighton suspends oil and gas drilling applications

What’s the cause of the sudden suspension of oil and gas drilling in Brighton? Read this news from this article. *** Brighton is suspending applications for oil and gas drilling in the city, effective immediately. The city council approved … Continue reading

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REPOST: Fossil Fuels to Keep Dominating Energy Consumption Mix

It is believed that fossil fuel will still be a huge part of energy consumption. Read more about this news from *** Despite more than 25 years of efforts to reduce fossil fuel consumption and boost renewable energy use, … Continue reading

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REPOST: U.S. Steps Up Scrutiny of Freight Train Safety

Ways on how to ensure the safety of freight trains are currently being evaluated by officials from rail and petroleum industries. Read more from this New York Times article: *** After meeting with federal regulators on Thursday, officials from the … Continue reading

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REPOST: Six Ways the U.S. is Changing

Why is US’ demographics changing? Read the factors affecting this from this article: The population of the United States is growing, but barely. According to data released this week by the Census Bureau, the number of Americans grew by … Continue reading

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